“The Power Goes Out in Arizona”

Woodhull, IL

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Plunkett with “Serenity,” paint a landscape of a youthful summer Saturday. There’s equal parts hope and heartache, but enough youthful naivety to let either stand in the way. With a sound that takes you back to the glory days of emo-inspired pop-punk anthems, right before the mainstream bubble burst and the sound defined an entire generation. The moment when anything felt possible, and the care-free summer vibes obscured any sense growing up and giving in. Riding a strong resurgence of the emo-punk sound of the early 00s, “Serenity” is just one of a dozen stellar tracks from the bands new full-length, Better Check the Kids. It’s a record full of anthems for a new generation of wide-eyed teens and 20-somethings who missed the first wave, and for those who were there before the mainstream bubble burst; its a refreshing stroll down memory lane with a peek at an exciting future.Plunkett are currently celebrating over a decade together as a band. Better Check the Kids is available for streaming and download via their official bandcamp,

Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at

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