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Sweet Vibe. Sweet Rates. Sweet Recordings. MindRocket Recording Studio boasts 1000sq feet of big, open recording rooms lit with natural light.


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Josh Roman

MindRocket Recording Studio Sound Engineer

Josh Roman, Mindrocket Recording Studio

Interview with Josh:

Josh Roman, a school friend of John Hlumyk and Pete Drivere of The Infidels, as well as Ron Gordon of Sacred Hate/Heretics/Dopamine/King Mother, continues to find himself in the epicenter of the Ohio/Pennsylvania music scene. He played in Heretics and King Mother with Ron Gordon, Bryn Zellers, and Timber Gilliland, and toured through Austria, Switzerland, Germany and former East Germany with Heretics right after the Wall fell. If you ask him about the German tour, he might tell you about seeing Mr. Food at the Lube at the going-away party for that tour, or recording Goat Milk Fudge at Robbie from Goo Goo Dolls’ studio. Currently, he works as an engineer at Mindrocket Studio in Youngstown, Ohio.

Josh has recorded many well-known bands, such as Asleep, The Kellys, Emily Rodgers, King Mother, First in Space, among others. Mindrocket is a 1000 sq ft studio with big open recording rooms and sunlight, providing a sweet vibe and sweet rates for sweet recordings. He uses Pro Tools, Alesis Hd24, mics by Neumann, Cad, Akg, Shure, Sennheiser, etc., and Mic Pre’s from Geoff Daking, Api, Vintech, Tl Audio. Josh loves and records all genres of music.

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Let's get you in the studio! Find Josh on Facebook or contact him directly. 

The Equipment

MindRocket Recording Studio only uses top of the line equipment to support and complement the 1976 MCI 428A Board: The Alesis Hd24, mics by Neumann, Warm, Cad, Akg, Shure, Sennheiser, etc., and Mic Pre’s from Geoff Daking, Api, Vintech, and Tl Audio. 

Some of Josh’s favorites include Neumann 69 U87’s, Royer R-10, and km184’s 

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