“Old Bones”

Pittsburgh, PA

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For their second Mindrocket Sessions performance, Pittsburgh’s JaketheHawk serve up a ripping rendition of their new single, “Old Bones.” The song seamlessly shifts from crunching riffs to melodic vocals and stellar neo-psychedelic synth parts, all before culminating into a Tom Morello-esque solo that’s as groovy as it is captivating. The band’s natural knack for groove, melody and heavy riffage is all put to the forefront of “Old Bones,” leaving fans intrigued for what’s next from Jakethehawk , and hopeful for a chance to catch the band live. For more on JaketheHawk, visit JaketheHawk.Bandcamp.com, and follow them on social media.

-Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor) Audio Engineer: Josh Roman Cameras: Jimmy Martin, Jill Farrar, Miguel Colon Editing: Patrick Snowball 
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at www.mindrocketsessions.com

Mindrocket Recording Studio, home of Mindrocket Sessions, sits between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the OH/PA state line.

In 2014, Mindrocket Engineer Josh Roman joined forces with independent music podcaster Jimmy Martin. The duo began to produce live session videos featuring regional and touring bands from all across the US, as well as bands from Europe and Canada. Finding themselves in a growing live session arena with studios such as Audiotree, KEXP, and NPR’s Tiny Desk Sessions; Roman and Martin tagged their original live Sessions The Mindrocket Project. They would go on to record over 50 sessions featuring bands like The Vindys, Teenage Bubblegums, The Multiple Cat, J.D. Eicher, and many more.

More recently, the guys from Mindrocket recruited Rebreather bassist Steve Wishnewski and his bizarre video art, infusing a new layer of artistic video imagery into the session-videos, calling these live in-studio performances, Mindrocket Sessions.

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