Murder for Girls

Pittsburgh, PA

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For their second performance for the Mindrocket Sessions, the Pittsburgh-based quartet Murder for Girls delivers a blistering vintage Alt-Rock rager, complete with soaring harmonies and grungy guitars. Murder For Girls with this song “Exposure” take their pop sensibilities and crank up the volume with punchy guitars and anthemic hooks. While the song to some ears might channel the best parts of vintage Hole and Sleater-Kinney, it brings a present day conviction that serves as both refreshing and rewarding. After a playful verse-chorus-verse of slick grooves and anthemic chant-alongs, the track drops into a groovy bass driven bridge before a climatic chant of “Exposure – Don’t wake me up before it’s over!” One can’t help but notice the cynicism and unique stoicism, reminiscent of the days when powerhouse Gen-X Alternative Rock mesmerized an entire generation via your favorite college radio station.

-Audio Engineer: Josh Roman Cameras: Jimmy Martin, Jill Farrar, Miguel Colon Editing: Patrick Snowball
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at
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