Guy Snowdon & the Citizens
“In My Stride”

Cleveland, OH

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Bob Seger once famously said: “still like the old time Rock n’ Roll, that kind of music just soothes the soul!” Indeed, the excitement of hearing timeless Rock n’ Roll is unmatched. Memories of youthful abandon, strike like adrenaline to the heart. Goosebumps and serotonin simultaneously take over, and the body is forced to move! All of this and more is ever-present on “In My Stride,” the latest Mindrocket Session featuring across-the-pond’er Guy Snowdon from Birmingham England and his band The Citizens. Bluesy over-driven guitars, tight grooves, soulful organ and belting vocals make up a track that feels as vibrant and virile as Rock n’ Roll always has and always will. With “In My Stride,” Snowdon gives the listener thrills and chills with a timeless-sounding track that feels right at home in any era. For more on Guy Snowdon please visit…

-Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor)Audio Engineer: Josh Roman Cameras: Jimmy Martin, Jill Farrar, Miguel Colon Editing: Patrick Snowball 
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at

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