“Heavy Mellow”

Rogers, OH

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What do you get when riffs, heavy as the gods’ thunder, collide with the cries of the battlefield, nestled in the pocket of a heavy groove? Look no further than Northeast Ohio’s Metal titans ALBUM! For 15 years, the power trio have been crushing audiences far and wide with their brand of chest-beating heavy rock. With the groove and the muscle of Sabbath, and a knack for melodic catchy hooks; the band have championed their way to the top tier of heavy mainstays. For this Mindrocket Sessions appearance recorded in the Covid Summer of 2020, Album gives a tipping performance of “Heavy Mellow,” a live staple and highlight of their now-classic LP,  “Majestic SilverEye.” The track showcases not only the band’s signature sound as previously described but also their songwriting range in how they can play with mood and conventional song structures. The band shifts through modes with the precision of a skilled card-dealer, cutting the deck and shuffling about seemingly with ease, while never losing the focus or mission of the song. “Heavy Mellow” opens with a big bang and as any great track should, climaxes with the best of everything offered; condensing into a fiery burst of chaos that leaves the listener blown away and salivating for more! For more on Album, visit the band’s official site at

-Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor)Audio Engineer: Josh Roman Cameras: Jimmy Martin, Jill Farrar, Miguel Colon Editing: Patrick Snow 
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at

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