Murder for Girls:

Pittsburgh, PA

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Soaring melodies and gritty Rock and Roll may be a winning combination, but balancing the two is no easy feat. In the case of Pittsburgh quartet Murder for Girls however, chunky guitars and superb melodies are served endlessly on tap. “Honeycomb,” song 1 from their session and the lead track of the band’s 2020 LP “Done In the Dark,” you can hear a fusion of grungy, punky Garage Rock that is heavy on melody sprinkled with a dash of pop. Finding some interesting fresh middle ground between the glory days of both The Strokes and Hole, Murder for Girls strike angst with Indie sensibility, all while giving a much-needed breath into a gasping Rock scene. For more on the latest happenings and release info, head to, and follow the band on social media.

-Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor)
Audio Engineer – Josh Roman Cameras Jimmy Martin, Jill Farrar, Miguel Colon Editing – Patrick Snow
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at

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