Between the Witches:
“Natural Flight/Trial By Fire”

Youngstown, OH

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“Natural Flight/Trial By Fire” Live in studio. Song 2 from our session with Between The Witches (Youngstown Ohio) Youngstown-based Prog/Math wizards Between The Witches continually aim high above the mark. Such is evident with their second recorded live performance of “Natural Flight/Trial by Fire,” from theird 2019 Mindrocket Session. With this hard-rocking number, the band seemlessly bounces from driving riffs to lush sounscapes, all with fusion-like precision. The track climaxes with all four members firing on all cylinders, and the sum of its parts amplifying high into the atmosphere! Check out Between the Witches’ debut album, ‘Dark Circles,’ streaming now on all platforms. And be sure to visit to stay current on the bands happenings. -Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor) Sponsored by WestSide Bowl

-Rick Polo (The Raw Alternative/Baroque Monody/Heck Vektor)
Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at

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