Mindrocket Sessions
Documentary Trailer

West Middlesex, PA

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The Home of The Mindrocket Sessions sits between Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, in a town known as West Middlesex and is a part of Mindrocket Recording Studio. In 2014, Mindrocket Engineer Josh Roman joined forces with independent music podcaster Jimmy Martin of the JimmyFro Show to give underground artists exposure through live video recordings.. Josh, who’s recorded hundreds of bands and artists from the OH and PA music scene, and Jimmy, known for his interviews with touring bands, team up to bring you amazing videos featuring regional and touring bands from all across the US, Italy and Canada. More recently the guys from Mindrocket recruited Rebreather bassist Steve Wishnewski for video overlay production and overall good vibe ambassador. With over 50 sessions under their belts, they are pleased to announce the birthing of THE MINDROCKET SESSIONS. Love all things music? Don’t miss out! Subscribe now.

Recorded live at Mindrocket Recording Studio | More live sessions and contact info at www.mindrocketsessions.com

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